Friday, 19 January 2018

The snow keep on coming

Yesterday we managed to make it to Penicuik Estate for the afternoon dog walk. Not sure if we'll achieve it today. Two more inches of snow fell overnight and there are bursts of snow falls regularly at the moment including several during the morning dog walk where we did manage to get to the viewpoint at the top of Deepsyke Forest, although it was hard going for both us and little Flora. She is a real trooper though and hops and skips over the snow.

The snow pictures are much the same over the last few days but I remain enchanted by all the whiteness despite all the logistical problems it brings with it as well as the hard work of shovelling it all from our driveway.
When not shovelling there is also plenty time to work on my artcards for the 365somethings2018 project. You can find them all on my Instagram feed.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sun and snow


The walk proceeded peacefully till we were on our way back when Flora suddenly disappeared into the trees and didn't come back. We waited for a while but she didn't return so we dived into the trees ourselves to look for her. And there the little madam was, chewing on what we discovered was a deer's foot (I didn't have a close look! But so my expert assured me). 

In the end I went into the forest a bit further away and stalked her from that direction, and managed to grab her by her coat and we finally persuaded her to give it up. Then the question arose; what to do with it. The fire pond came to mind but of course it was frozen. So it had to be carried back home (not by me!) and dumped into the garbage bin. I was less severe with her than I should have been because I was so relieved to find her. 
The afternoon walk took us to a snowy Penicuik Estate (see pics below)



Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Winter has returned with a vengeance

We woke up to a huge blanket of snow and I couldn't wait to enter this snowy fairytale forest for the dog walk. Flora seems to really love the snow despite the fact that it reached higher than her legs where the snow had been drifting. In other places there were only a few inches. She soon caught on to the fact that walking in my footsteps was a great option. In fact there were places where the snow reached higher than my boots too. But we managed to make it to the top of the forest where I took the above panoramic picture with my phone.

It looked like we were the only living creatures present till a deer crossed our path, gently padding across and disappearing into the trees. A truly magic moment (needless to say not caught on camera, but it will remain with me). Enjoy the walk with us in the pictures below.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Art Cards 4, 5 and 6

 Here are the next set of finished 3 x 3" art cards for the #365somethings2018.
4. So all is still again
 I am not going to enumerate all the techniques and materials used on these cards over the year,  apart from mentioning most of the rubber stamping on these 3 cards was done with stamps designed by Nathalie Kalbach. The stencils used in the background are all from Stencilgirl Products.
5. ce qui est beau est beau!

6. Follow the river of existence

Detail from card 5

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A is for ART

The prompt this week on Joggles Art Journal Adventures was to : use the letter A. In my book A always stands for ART so that's the road I took in my A5 sized journal. I knew I had a rubber stamp with the word ART on it (from the ARTspecially for you magazine) and began by making a fitting background for that. 
I used stencil S501 Letters on Box Stencil by Stencilgirl Products as well as S526 Shape Shifter and a variety of acrylic paints. When I was happy with the spread I added collage with vintage text from old English and French dictionaries, as well as tissue wrap with a French themed paper (from 7Gypsies). The final collage was the face that came from a painting featuring Margaret of Austria by Jean Hay, also known as The Master of Moulins dating to approx. 1490 (in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY).
Some mark making was added with a variety of markers as well as dripping acrylic paint (white and blue) down the pages. I also sprayed on some circles through sequin waste.


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